SPLASH is a holiday play scheme for children and young people (5-17 years) and young volunteers (18 - 25) with severe to profound physical and learning disabilities. SPLASH welcomes children who find it hard to use mainstream schemes because of their additional needs. The scheme runs for 3 days a week in school holidays including half terms, summer, Christmas and Easter.

Children attending the scheme are able to take part in many fun and stimulating activities (arts and craft, themed days, cooking and organised sports). Sessions run during all school holidays, commencing at 10am and ending at 4pm. As well as in house activities, we also run two pre-booked trip days each week to local attractions and activities.

SPLASH also provides valuable respite for the children’s families, siblings and carers, supporting them in having a break from their caring role.

All children need a place to play. They need space, informality and freedom to run around and make a noise, to express themselves, to experiment and investigate. Children and young people with additional needs and disabilities need this freedom even more than others, in surroundings that stimulate their imagination and challenge them to face and overcome risk, they will be helped to build their self confidence and independence in a safe, secure environment.