testimonialWe have recently been exploring the feasibility of developing a fit-for purpose centre for SPLASH in Buckfastleigh. We have concluded that it is feasible, and there are viable options - we have identified two possible sites in the area, and a range of funding opportunities and prospective partners. It will take time and commitment - it’s not a quick win - but it could provide the best outcomes…

  • A state of the art accessible and dynamic indoor and outdoor recreational/play space for SPLASH children and young people.
  • SPLASH children enjoy a different space in their holidays to term time.
  • SPLASH children participate as members of a local community.
  • SPLASH delivers a training programme in partnership with PETROC college that builds and strengthens our workforce.
  • SPLASH contributes to the local economy by providing employment, training and provision for local families.
  • Working in partnership SPLASH grows its offer to provide services for the local community.
  • Staff retention improves as the service grows.
  • SPLASH continues to provide a unique service for SPLASH children.
  • SPLASH is sustained as a parent led organisation in a new form: CIC/CIO…

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Children and young people with additional needs need space and freedom to play...

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